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The Malaysian Parliament has recently, on the 11th of October 2023, passed the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill 2023 ("EECA Bill"), in alignment with Malaysia's energy transition goal towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The EECA Bill was one of the key initiatives introduced under the first phase of the National Energy Transition Roadmap ("NETR"), which was recently launched by the Ministry of Economy. The EECA Bill seeks to regulate and monitor energy efficiency and conservation practices and prevent energy wastage.


Energy efficiency is defined in the EECA Bill as to mean "the efficiency in consumption of energy or energy resources which results in increase in the net benefit per unit of energy". The EECA Bill therefore focuses on the consumption, and not the sustainability, of energy.

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When enacted, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (EECA) will regulate industrial and commercial users that consume 21,600 gigajoules of energy per annum — equivalent to RM2.4 million in annual electricity bills, or RM1 million in natural gas bills. Compliance is estimated to reduce electricity bills by up to 25%.

The EECA is set to cover 1,500 out of 27,000 industrial consumers, representing 70% to 80% of industrial consumption, as well as 500 out of 1.7 million commercial consumers making up 21% of commercial segment consumption.

It also requires compliance by office buildings measuring 8,000 sq m and above to meet at least a two-star rating under the National Building Energy Label requiring building energy intensity of at least below 250 kilowatt-hour/sq m per annum.

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Refer the latest Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill 2023


ENFORCE Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Sung-kwon), the manufacturer of the power-saving device FORCE, announced on the 11th that it had achieved a 10% reduction effect in the 'Gamcheon Port Central Pier Power Saving Device Pilot Operation Project'. This was at the result report held in the conference room on the second floor of the Busan Port Authority's Gamcheon Office.

This is equivalent to saving energy and achieving carbon neutrality by planting adult pine trees in 29% of Yeouido. ENFORCE is also collaborating with Kookmin Ilbo to carry out the 'Share Electricity, Share Love' campaign, which aims to reduce the electricity cost of Korean churches and use them for mission expenses. Since its inception in 2008, it has held patents in 17 countries around the world.


Power Saving Device, "10% Saving Effect" at Gamcheon Port Central

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